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Jane Irwin

Born 1948, age 74

“All will be well – all matter of things will be well.”

Jane Irwin has seen a lot of the world, and picked up many stories, advice, and memories along the way! She is very talented with tapestry crafts, which hang around her village apartment, each telling their own colourful stories about her experiences.

Her life started off with a unique adventure, as she was born in Cuba to British parents, and moved to Australia when she was four years old.

Jane is very happy with what she’s been able to do throughout her life, but she would say that her greatest achievements include marrying her husband, supporting him through his career as an Anglican minister and his cancer diagnosis, and raising their three children.

Jane went to nurse training after finishing school, but decided it wasn’t really for her. After that, and a few years as a stay-at-home-mum, she worked in retail for 20 years before becoming a life coach. Jane has an admirable belief in the importance of growing through grief, and working through it, and feels privileged to be able to come alongside others to support them through their grief.

Jane’s happiest memories would be travelling with her husband, and returning to Zimbabwe, where he is from. The highlight of their time in Africa would be catching the Shongololo train from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls. Jane believed it was important for her husband to return to Africa and return to his roots, particularly as he didn’t have a happy childhood. But they were both blessed with an abundance of happy memories. Jane also walked an incredible 250km of the Camino Trail in 2013, which took her just over two weeks after a year of training.

Jane feels very passionate about social justice, and has been completing a climate change course run by her church. This has encouraged her to be more active in this space, sending letters to her MP and supporting others in the group who are battling climate anxiety.

Jane has multiple pearls of wisdom that she wants to share with those around her, in particular: Jesus loves you. He is the foundation of her life, and she finds meaning in her relationship with Him. She also shared that “all will be well, all manner of things will be well,” and “this too will pass”. Jane also noted that things aren’t always as they seem, so we must think carefully about the world around us.

If Jane were to describe herself, she would say she was encouraging, thoughtful, generous-hearted, and creative. But she has also been described by those around her as caring, engaged, and determined – all of which shine through when spending time with her. Jane loves to help others, and contributes to the community through volunteering at the local charity store, The Good Yarn, and singing in the community choir.

Jane has lived at Warrigal Bundanoon for two years, and feels very blessed to be living there, saying that it was a provision from God. Although she arrived in COVID, which made it difficult to meet others and socialise, Jane was still able to make the most of it. During lockdown, she would bake sweet treats each week for the other villagers, and would package them with a note and drop them at each door. This was a great way for her to spread some love in a time of so much uncertainty, and bring happiness to her neighbours.

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